Videos and audio

The internet is a rich source of information about psychoanalysis and its history.  Here are links to some videos and audio material that demonstrate the range of ideas informing psychoanalytic practice in Scotland and throughout the world today

Freud Museum:

What is psychoanalysis? (from the Freud Museum)

British psychoanalysis, yesterday and today

The originality of Melanie Klein

Lectures on technique by Melanie Klein

Encounters through the generations – Elizabeth Spillius

Ron Britton on Karl Abraham

Jacques Lacan on ‘The Rat Man’

Donald Winnicott

Wilfred Bion in conversation 1978

Bion at the Tavistock

WRD Fairbairn: Object relations theory

Adam Phillips on ‘Being too much for ourselves’

An Interview with the Scottish psychoanalyst Isabel Menzies-Lyth


This link below is of a recording of the first part of seminars Melanie Klein held with a group of young British analysts in 1958. The seminars focus on many important issues of technique.