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Psychological Therapies in the NHS, London 21-22 March 2018

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Guntrip Trust Lecture 20 April 2018

Augustine United Church, 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh

5.30-8pm    £12/£8  (including refreshments)

Reading between the lines – poetry, therapy & faith

Mark Oakley

Mark Oakley is Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral. He writes and broadcasts on the areas of poetry, literature, spirituality and human rights. He is a trustee of the Civil Liberties Trust, an Ambassador for Stop Hate UK, Patron of Tell MAMA and a Visiting Lecturer at Kings College

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The relevance of attachment to our personal and professional lives: An open workshop

With Arturo Ezquerro
Chair: Sue Lieberman

Friday 27 April 2018 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Institute of Group Analysis Scotland
Friends Meeting House, 7 Victoria St, Edinburgh EH1 2JL.
John Bowlby is the ‘father’ of Attachment Theory, which ultimately says that we are born with a primary instinctual force for meaningful human connectedness, as essential for our physical and emotional survival as feeding and sexuality. Attachment needs stay with us from cradle to grave. Bowlby’s message was deceptively simple: we need one another. He was no doubt a group person who conceived the human mind as a social phenomenon and collaborated with others throughout his life. And he wrote about group attachments:

“During adolescence and adult life a measure of attachment behaviour is commonly directed not only towards persons outside the family but also towards groups and institutions other than the family. A school or college, a work group, a religious group or a political group can come to constitute for many a subordinate attachment ‘figure’. In such cases, it seems probable, the development of attachment to a group is mediated, at least initially, by attachment to a person holding a prominent position within the group” (Bowlby, 1969).

The application of attachment principles to psychotherapy practice, healthcare and teaching organisations (such as schools and universities) can enhance the quality of care and support to staff, patients and students – fostering environments where learning, emotional growth and wellbeing are cultivated.

This workshop will be open and inclusive. Ideas will be presented jargon-free, making them accessible to public, students and professionals alike, as well as to anyone who is interested in relationships and personal development. Participants will be able to identify with vivid and moving real life experiences that show our struggle to become attached, to survive and to grow, within our families and groups. Space for further thinking and reflection will be provided in small and large discussion groups.

CPD certificates will be provided.

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Psychodynamics in times of austerity

Portugese Psychoanalytic Society

18-20 May 2018 in Lisbon

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